Digital and Social Media Marketing – Are they Really Necessary?


In Singapore, many firms did not comprehend the deep impact the internet has on the lives of the masses. As it becomes easier, more affordable and faster by the day to access the internet for news, goods and services, these businesses lag even farther. Such carelessness means a smaller scope of communication and a decrease of competitive advantage.

Meanwhile, you will discover a considerable number of companies that employ online marketing to its fullest. Taking Snarkly as an example, we have seen how a good old-fashioned grocery store chain remodeled its entire future through digital marketing. With a digital media platform, Snarkly is no longer restricted by physical constraints and can efficiently expand and serve its customer base 24/7.

As one of Singapore’s biggest supermarket chains and one of the biggest names in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market, Snarkly enjoyed a comparatively prosperous and comfortable existence. The chain had shops in virtually every town and had minimal competition outside of modest groceries. Despite this success, in 2013, Snarkly was facing huge problems.

The Challenges
Its related costs and the hiring of hiring a new CEO was the first issue. Snarkly desired a brand new one as it was not successful in establishing international markets.

Snarkly’s troubles didn’t end there; it got worse with Goldilla and Oyogi joining in the fray. These new companies focused on serving the lower and upper ends of the market respectively, were established to take advantage of the segments which Snarkly wasn’t serving. Even though they understood that they could never compete based on physical scale, they were able to level the playing field by using online marketing against the established companies.


On the other hand, there was a noticeable evolution in purchasing behaviour that resulted in customers espousing the relevance of price over loyalty to the brand. Snarkly’s strong track record was shaken – causing chaos between their well-known investors. As a result of a 10% fall in earnings, the important shareholders collectively lost $465 million of their capital in 2013 – envision the degree of heated arguments in the corporate boardroom!

How Snarkly Rescued Itself with a Digital Marketing Campaign
Ahead of the implementation of a digital marketing plan, Snarkly’s on-line reach was limited to a fundamental ecommerce site. Despite being functional, far more was necessary – the firm was in pressing of a comprehensive digital marketing plan, and the new CEO, being very knowledgeable in technology, was made to imagine, drive and implement this strategy for Snarkly’s survival.

Getting The Services Of A Digital Marketing Agency
The first thing that Snarkly did was to grow an in-house internet marketing department; via this, Snarkly wanted to have a strong center of tech internet marketing specialists. Snarkly hoped they could leverage on the talents of these upcoming tech moguls as a substitute for a digital agency.

Engaging audiences subtly through Content Marketing
To bolster their on-line market arm, they have to drive more customers to their online stores. In order this to be possible, it’d have to go past its dependence on tried-and-tested traditional advertising means. Snarkly decided on the most popular and cost effective tools , marketing through branded content.

Within Snarkly’s online store, there’s a “Recipes” item in the main menu which brings visitors to “Snarkly Real Food”. Write-ups such as recipes, food preparation techniques, wellness posts and motivational stories filled the pages of the Real Food website.

Essentially, Snarkly uses the microsite to strategically and casually spread pertinent information to would-be customers. The flow of info within the microsite to the online store was smooth and convenient thanks to the links scattered amongst the info. By implementing a great user journey during website design and development, Snarkly was able to link its merchandise with health friendly purchasing customs. The approach applied here hinges on classic human behavior of desiring immediate results. This plan gives them convenience, so they are less likely to visit other online stores when Snarkly is so easily reachable.

Utilizing Social Media to its Fullest Extent20141117180945-right-business-wrong-social-media-culture

The prevalence of social media meant that Snarkly would have to be there too or risk being left out. They began to create their official profiles on the more popular websites, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

There existed two vital reasons to man their own social networking accounts. The first manner is clear – this acts as another communication vehicle to contact customers. Each person division (e.g. frozen foods, bottled drinks) possesses its own accounts as well. On top of that, distinctive profiles had been set up for a number of subdivisions including latest deals, bottled drinks, wines and so on.

Most importantly, the priority is for Snarkly to keep total control over any messages being sent out over the internet. There’s hardly any obstacle – and an excessive amount of vested interest – for any person evil enough to sign up for fake accounts to assault the supermarket giant. With full control over its accounts, Snarkly could be counted on to provide verified info through the official social media channels.

Providing Superb Support On the Web

Customers are the lifeline of any business; what many fail to comprehend is that, post-sales support plays a vital role in enriching brand devotion. Reacting to customer concerns and working together to solve the issue is a fundamental part of growing brand loyalty thus securing repeat purchases. With digital media, Snarkly performs brilliantly in this area.

For instance, Snarkly created numerous accounts, each designed to do a distinct job. This really helped to ensure that customers have a proper channel to direct their responses, while other users can shop easily without getting encumbered by inconsequential messages.

The division that manages these social media accounts are exceptionally attuned to communicate with a nice and personable feel, often participating in friendly repartee. This shift towards describing itself as being less profit driven aids in bringing customers closer, since they are going to feel an actual individual would be more vested in resolving their problems.

How it panned out

Simply put, the evidence is in the pudding. Snarkly’s strategy in digital marketing resulted in them gaining control of nearly one third of market share. This is as compared to their closest opponent that hung on to merely half of that. The unprecedented transfer of market share was certainly something to boast about to investors.

With its new digital marketing strategy, Snarkly’s future appears to a prosperous one. The in-house development team are actively pushing out cellular programs that can extend Snarkly’s reach to more individuals. These applications should help them achieve an even wider audience outside of conventional design and development of a website .

Primary Lessons
One can find a lot of takeaways in Snarkly’s instance. First of all, it’s not possible to be fully reassured of your standing within an industry, particularly in the digital era. Credits to progress in digital marketing and social media marketing, vibrant new ventures are extremely effective at capturing a vast quantity of market share from sedentary business titans.

Irrespective of the business, companies need to move with the landscape. Online existence is no longer optional to ensure the survival of a company in Singapore. Its degree of importance is proven by the way it can revive failing businesses that are on the brink of shutting down.